Drink at Night

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Drink at Night - Latex Fashion Model Susan Wayland

In a soft glimming transparent catsuit stands a lady in front of a bar. A breeze of erotic, midnight flair and the smell of alcohol and tobacco sways in through the room. The light slumbers softly and the ambience of the bar fires everybody's imagination. It reminds of the movies like 'From Dust till Dawn' whose bar-settings becomes legendary. Over her catsuit the lady wore black-red suspenders and a jeans only existing of some hangovers of cloth. Around her feet she is wearing nobel black transparent plateau heels. The visiter from the bar are retired to a hidden place, couched in cornes and watched like peepers to the spectacle of the lady and who let herself go. Cause of lust, fun, may be also cause of inner diremption or pain she knuckled down her deepest tempation. In one hand she is holding a bottle of Jim Beam and the rest of the world vanished behind a grey curtain. What counts is the present is the just now. Playful, tormented and with the feeling to fly cause of the alcohol she take possession of the bar and her clothes. Everything belongs to her! Every milimeter from that old, brown bar is only maded for her and her body. The visiter still looking nervously, bemused and overwhelmed out of there hiding places. And the owner of the bar? Long ago he had arranged with a cigar and fedora in a hidden corner and watched with waked eyes through the fume of his cubana at the scenario.

Susan Wayland

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