Black Ballet Boots

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Black Ballet Boots - Glamour Model

Amazing long legs in beautiful black ballet boots. Do you know something more charming? Only few things can top those imagination right? And so it was such a big dream of me to have exactly those beautiful sexy ballett boots. I was searching for a very long time until I found exactly the right ballet heels which I was needed to buy whatever they should cost. I felt so much in love with them. For a very long time I could wear them always at home when ever I wanted to but we've never found a right situation or the right backround for a great ballet boot photo shooting. But for some weeks we finally get inspired by an amazing room, so that room should become the place for our shooting. Norman and me drove straight to the Acanto in Hannover, the party place where normally the Lounge Bizarre takes place, and there we found a perfect backround! And well, that this location was the right decision for the photoshoot was said by my female belly feeling as I stood in the Acanto completly dressed with my tight sexy latex top and hot pants and my lovely ballett shoes. Also the helpers in the Acanto who organized and fixed all the necessary stuff before the party could begun watched at me very surprised as I walked around like a classical ballerina.

Otherwise they look of the outfit was also very sexy. My grey tight sexy latex top fitted perfectly and emphazised my boobs really great and also my latex hot pants gave the outfit a very interesting style. Something like sporty and sexy. But whatever the main eye candy of this gallery are for sure my beautiful sexy black ballett boots - so have fun and enjoy this gallery! :)

Susan Wayland

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