Red Temptation

81 Pictures - Video 14:58 min

January 28, 2019
A tight latex catsuit is great over and over again or? Isn't it great how it emphasizes the body, how great the female curves are to seen? And as if this was not yet an enough tingling eroticism, this Heavy Rubber gallery the catsuit is even half-transparent. Beside the full shining red of the latex you can foresee a little skin and my tattoos gleam quizzical through the rubber.
Over the latex catsuit I wear a corset that likewise has incredibly romp deep red tone, as well as latex gloves and a pair of wonderfully shining red boots.
Thus for me this latex is a combination mind-blowing, don't you think? Now, I wish you a lot of fun with the gallery, the sexily curves and thrilling movements! I please me about your comments in the forum and see you soon with another thrilling gallery. And do not forget: Always stay shiny! ;-)

Red TemptationRed TemptationRed TemptationRed TemptationRed Temptation

What is it makes latex so extremely outstanding? Is it the indescribable carrying feeling or the futuristic shine?… I think, it is the combination of both which makes latex to the wonderfully varied material which pulls more and more people in his spell.

And just this it is what moves me to feel that certain ‚je ne said quoi‘ as well as my passion to share it with you. I invite you in my club to discover with myself together the varied facets of latex and to experience the mystery of this unique material anew with every image.