Peppermint Pleasure

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May 24, 2019
Sometimes it is not so easy at all to find the suitable location for a colorful latex clothes. Then there the background color with the color of the latex dress does not fit or the location is too edgy and and and ... for me, in any case, there are incredibly many reasons, which is why a location is a good, but not the ultimative one. When I held for the first time this wonderful peppermint latex dress of Lady Lucie in my hands, I imagined only: ' What wonderfully unusual color. Oh dear, that becomes difficult with the background.'
And just it should it also become. So wonderfully delightfully the green tone of this smart stylish dress may also be, to find the right location has really challenged me. However, then suddenly one day, I visited spontaneously an art exhibit of Alexander Calvelli there the suitable location fell to me exactly the same way in the hands. The art exhibit which I visited was in a modernized medieval women's chamber. The rebuilding gave a great futuristic and modern air with a small breath Steampunk to the old building if you ask me.
And when I stood before exactly this brilliant bronze or also copper-coloured wall, I knew it. BOOM! There the idea came to me! Here, exactly here this great peppermint green latex dress must be photographed. I have not considered long and already some days later I stood with the suitable make-up, the chic latex dress again in front of the old women's chamber and here we go: and action!
I wish you a lot of fun with the newest gallery 'Peppermint Pleasure' in the Susan Wayland Club and I'm looking forward to your lovely feedback in my forum! *sweet kisses*

Peppermint PleasurePeppermint PleasurePeppermint PleasurePeppermint PleasurePeppermint Pleasure

What is it makes latex so extremely outstanding? Is it the indescribable carrying feeling or the futuristic shine?… I think, it is the combination of both which makes latex to the wonderfully varied material which pulls more and more people in his spell.

And just this it is what moves me to feel that certain ‚je ne said quoi‘ as well as my passion to share it with you. I invite you in my club to discover with myself together the varied facets of latex and to experience the mystery of this unique material anew with every image.