Delicious Rubber Curves

52 Pictures - Video 11:22 min

November 10, 2018
The latex fetish scene is subject to a striking fashion change. The scene began with tight black latex outfit. That feeling and the fetish thing were the basis of the scene. In the past a few years music icons and celebrities explored fetish fashion for provoking and to catch the attention of the media. Latex is a trend and according to fashion designers it is the ideal raw material for new designs.
Trendy models like Susan Wayland are no exception and they show the latest latex clothing designs for you in the club. But like in any trend we should not forget its origins. Black is timeless and that's why this black skin-tight latex cat suit is still completely in fashion. Such a catsuit fits to the perfect naked body of Susan Wayland but also shows the beautiful shape of the model. The latex corset is a modern accessory which affects the silhouette slightly but which perfects the complete look.
Although the trend for latex clothing extends to more colors, a black latex catsuits will always be a timeless outfit that will always fit a blonde fashion model.

Delicious Rubber CurvesDelicious Rubber CurvesDelicious Rubber CurvesDelicious Rubber CurvesDelicious Rubber Curves

What is it makes latex so extremely outstanding? Is it the indescribable carrying feeling or the futuristic shine?… I think, it is the combination of both which makes latex to the wonderfully varied material which pulls more and more people in his spell.

And just this it is what moves me to feel that certain ‚je ne said quoi‘ as well as my passion to share it with you. I invite you in my club to discover with myself together the varied facets of latex and to experience the mystery of this unique material anew with every image.