Sexy Bikini Babe

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November 16, 2018
On a hot summer day I've spent some time at the pool and enjoyed while the sun kissed my skin and the water gave me the needed cooling when it was getting to hot. Actually, I prefer to take my sunbath completely naked but this day I decided to wear some of my sexy bikinis.
Why? Well, let me tell you a little secret of mine: From time to time I love it to have smaller bikini lines on my skin. Doesn't it has a certain kick walking down the street with nothing more than a small top and tiny hot pants while there are little bikini lines?
So, I choose for my relaxing sunbath at the pool my tiny pink bikini, one of my favourite summer pieces. When I wearing it my boobs seem to look sexierl, my butt crisper. A perfect requirement for girls and the tanning will be pure pleasure ;-)
Therewith you can see me in my sexy pink bikini from all ankles too I also did some photos for you on this sunny day. Have fun and enjoy the pictures of "Hot Bikini Babe" and I'm curious if you like me in my sexy tiny dress too? *sweet kisses*

Sexy Bikini BabeSexy Bikini BabeSexy Bikini BabeSexy Bikini BabeSexy Bikini Babe

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