Striped Micro Bikini

Fanarts Striped Micro Bikini

Susan Wayland relaxes in her white blue micro bikini.

This sexy anime picture by Shawn shows me in a blue/white striped Micro Bikini. The picture is correctly called Micro Bikini because the bikini top shortly cover my boobies. Shawn wrote me he was inspired by the photo session [URL=http://www.unique-artwork.de/join/mini-micro-bikini|Susan Wayland dressed into a Mini Micro Bikini in Latex.]Mini Micro Bikini[/URL] so he was motivated to make for me such a beautiful fanart with a Micro Bikini. He said, painting Latex is very hard so he decided to dress me just into a Micro Bikini but not into latex. However, I love this great sweet anime picture because the Micro Bikini fits perfectly to me.

by: Shawn the Fool