Latex Mistress in Castle

Wallpaper Latex Mistress in Castle

Susan Wayland with transparent latex stocking and latex corset als latex mistress.

This latex wallpaper of Susan Wayland shows her as a latex mistress in a sexy latex corset and transparent latex stockings sitting on a black leather couche. This picture was shoot in an old castle. The final latex wallpaper is purposely not too provocating. So it's better to use on your desktop! That's the reason why she hides her naked boobies and her sexy pierced nipples.
But if you are looking for

  • transparent latex stockings
  • latex corset
  • stiletto boots

this latex wallpaper of Latex Mistress Susan Wayland can satisfy you.

This free desktop wallpapers of Sway is optimized for a resolution of 1280 and 960 pixels.

This latex pictures can be downloaded for free in a dimension of 1280x960 pixels. The best quality can be reached, if you download this latex picture in the resolution of your monitor desktop. You would avoid unneeded shrinking or enlarging processes. If this your monitor doesn't fit the dimension of this latex picture of 1280 and 960 pixels please go to Susan Wayland Wallpapers and look for a dimension which is similar to your monitor settings.