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Wet Shiny Latex Layers Update 4

Wet Shiny Latex Layers Update 4

Wet Shiny Latex Layers Update 4

Today you see a new update of new beautiful latex pictures of the session Wet Shiny Latex Layers.

As you can see on the pictures I do not show much skin because I wear a lot of latex. That the reason I have declared this session as Heavy Rubber. Heavy rubber means someone wears a latex dress from tip to toe. You will miss to see much naked skin of me but enjoy these beautiful reflections, which make latex so perfect and sexy on girls. Do you want to hear some more details what you will see in this update?

At first let me tell you that I wear in this session my high platform shoes. These shoes looking bigger as stilettos but I think a girl with platforms have a sweet looking feet. Do you not agree? That was exactly what this session should look like. In this session I am also the sweet and lovely girl who everybody loves. I love how you watching me while I pose sweet and sexy. That is my natural style and exactly what I love to be in this session.

Fancy that I wear in this session transparent latex. You know I love transparent latex fashion. It allows you watching my body but also hides it slightly. It is nice to know you can enjoy my body but do not see it directly. Maybe that was already interesting but you should also know I wear not only one layer of latex on my skin but multiply layers. It is just another feeling wearing mutiple layers of latex on my skin and let me feel sexier on another way.

By the way the session Wet Shiny Latex Layers contains 20 beautiful latex pictures. Now enjoy this beautiful update! Or are you not a member so far? So do not wait any longer and become a member today to enjoy thousands of sexy latex pictures and high definition videos.

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  • Wet Shiny Latex Layers

    • Heiko Ein tolles Video und super Fotos

      October 11th, 2012
    • Thanatos nice video in diesem Satz, amasing Szenen in der Badewanne. Love it. =)

      October 25th, 2012
    • latexlover6 Ja, das ist eine tolle vid

      December 19th, 2012
    • SAXONY Hallo, richtig gute Bilder und vor allem ein tolles Video. Das ganz weit oben im Ranking !

      June 01st, 2013
    • Gerd Wunderbares Outfit . Klasse Korsett. Farblich auch wieder eine Augenweide . Die Duschaktion ist sehr sexy .

      November 16th, 2013
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