Red Curtain

Red Curtain - Fetish Photography by Martin Perrea Update 3

Red Curtain - Fetish Photography by Martin Perrea Update 3

Did you like the last updates of the session "Red Curtain - Fetish Photography by Martin Perrea" so far? If so, I am sure you will be happy to read that we start today another great update with sensational new latex pictures.

This is for me a "Heavy Rubber" session because you will see a lot of latex but nearly no naked skin. Heavy rubber means someone wears a latex dress from tip to toe. You will miss to see much naked skin of me but enjoy these beautiful reflections, which make latex so perfect and sexy on girls. Do you want to read some more details of this update?

You will be please to hear that I always loved fishnet stockings. That is the reason why I also wear in this update sexy fishnets. Latex and fishnet stockings fitting just perfect together. And while that is important for me it could be also nice to know I wore multiple layers of latex in this session. You know what I mean? I wear a latex outfit on my naked skin and to make this more interesting I took another latex piece and pulled this over my first latex outfit. Wearing latex is very sexy for me but to know multiple latex on my skin is extreme sexy.

It is a simple fact that I am tied in this session. You know I am not a bondage model but in this session being tied with some handcuffs and ties are something different, which make this session very interesting. It also fits perfectly to latex. And how do you like my beautiful platform shoes? Do you not agree platform shoes make a sweet smaller girls feet and is not a sweet girls feet looking sexy? It also makes sexy long legs so that was the right choice for this nice update.

Do not try to tell me that my description "Red Curtain - Fetish Photography by Martin Perrea" was not interesting for you. You know there are still 19 latex pictures, which you should watch and enjoy! Now enjoy this beautiful update! Or are you not a member so far? So do not wait any longer and become a member today to enjoy thousands of sexy latex pictures and high definition videos.

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  • Red Curtain - Fetish Photography by Martin Perrea

  • Red Curtain

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      September 08th, 2012
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      September 15th, 2012
    • Thanatos hot and elegant serie. love it.=)

      November 30th, 2012
    • Gerd An orgy in red and black. Complete married? Falls and still sexy sexy sexy.

      November 10th, 2013
    • DCan The fishnet latex combo is soooo hot.

      May 22nd, 2018
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