Orange Candy

Orange Candy

Orange Candy

I am happy to announce you the new gallery "Orange Candy" with beautiful new and sexy latex pictures! Surely you want to read more about this update, right?

You will love to hear that I wear in this session my high platform shoes. These shoes looking bigger as stilettos but I think a girl with platforms have a sweet looking feet. Do you not agree? That was exactly what this session should look like. It is also very important telling you I wear transparent latex in this session. Did you have already noticed this on the small picture? Some models are a little shy wearing transparent latex but personally, I love this latex. Do you see how sexy transparent latex can be?

That is for sure very interesting. But because I just feel very good so let me go on telling you that I am in this session just the sweet next door girl for you. Or let me say you can see me here like I am. The sweet and sexy girl is modelling for you. That is the right expression for me and this cute latex dress. By the way I wore this latex bikini last summer at the beach. I was really surprised how others enjoyed watching me in this bikini. Even hot sweet girls came to me and asked where they can buy this latex bikini.

How about that I took long sexy latex stockings for this session. You should know I love latex stockings. I totally love it to see a wet girls body and drops roll off or to be simply wet through. Latex can't be wet through but anyway my body was getting wet and that looks very sexy for me.

By the way the session Orange Candy contains 23 beautiful latex pictures. As a member I wish you a lot of fun with this great update! If you are currently not a member I ask me why. If you have any good reasons please contact me or otherwise join now and enjoy many sexy pictures and HD videos.

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  • Orange Candy

  • Orange Candy

    • 431 like this, 30 comments
    • Thanatos Sexy as always sway, this orange set is so hot.! =)

      October 16th, 2012
    • claudio this set is gourgeous, it's a pity that there isn't a video :(

      April 04th, 2013
    • Sarah Dreamsicle sway ;)

      May 23rd, 2013
    • Gerd Great set. Orange and black go well together. Cool Posing on the neutral background

      September 10th, 2013
    • Aton Want some Candy ...YES PLEASE

      March 16th, 2017

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