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My Little Latex Secret Part 1/4

My Little Latex Secret Part 1/4

My Little Latex Secret Part 1/4

I already had promised you yesterday today will start a new gallery in Susan Wayland Club which I find personally really brilliant! It carries the miraculous name 'My little Latex Secret' and was originated before some time in a wonderful boutique for erotic fashion. It can be that the one or other image seems to some of you maybe also already famously, because some well-chosen and very fashionably focused photo series of mine are published constantly every quarter in the Latex Fashion magazine Finest-Addiction. However, I am happy I can now share with you in Susan Wayland Club this complete package filled with French charm, elegance and style. I hope you'll like the new gallery as well as the really extravagant latex dress from Latexa? *sweet kisses*

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  • My Little Latex Secret Part 1/4

  • My Little Latex Secret

    • Rachel Fabulous! I love the play with the shadows/lights and the torch lamp style - awesome idea and Sway looks great as usual.

      April 07th, 2015
    • Thunder Nice photos! Like the elegant touch a lot!

      April 14th, 2015
    • Morrow Elegant pure latex beauty - indeed one of my fav model!

      May 09th, 2015
    • Schizo666 Picture 62 is so awesome looking

      June 04th, 2015
    • Nicholas Sway is so amazing in this sexxxy little dress...just incredible

      August 07th, 2015
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