Light meets Gloss Update 2

Light meets Gloss Update 2

Light meets Gloss Update 2

I proudly present you today the new update of the session Light meets Gloss with 20 awesome latex pictures. I want to describe you some naughty details about this update because you can not see all details here.

I want like to point out that I wear for my stockings these beautiful suspenders. There are some classical things which are good to make mens hearts soft and willing. My idea wearing latex stockings to this outfits was just perfect. I love the gloss in my long legs.

That is not enough for you? Wow, so let me say that I wear in this session my high platform shoes. These shoes looking bigger as stilettos but I think a girl with platforms have a sweet looking feet. Do you not agree? That was exactly what this session should look like. The latex body was the right choice for "Light meets Gloss". This cut is unbelieveable! It fit's to my body shape so there is no space between my skin an latex. And might sweet butt looks also more sexy as usual.

How about that I like a high style and glamour like quality makeup and outfits. It is important to make a very noble and elegant hairstyle and perfect fitting makeup. I would firstly expect this picture style in a glamour fashion magazine. May you do not like me wearing latex masks because it hides my face. But I am sure you agree if I tell you some session need an Artistic and different element to make an interesting and strange mood like this great session. It was very important for me to be perfectly lubricated for this session. I simply love this perfect smooth latex shine that begs to be touched.

If the session "Light meets Gloss" sounds interesting for you please do not wait longer and miss the update with 20 latex pictures! I am sure this update will satisfy you! So login now and enjoy all latex pictures and HD videos to my member's club.

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  • Light meets Gloss Update 2
  • Light meets Gloss

  • Light meets Gloss

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    • Nicholas Sexy Sway is to die for in this set, i love the latex and fishnet combo, and its so shiny, just perfect!

      August 11th, 2015
    • Franz extraordinary illumination and fantastic dress, i am not the fan of hoods but ... Show Allthis gallery is awesome! everything fits perfectly together. Sways body and face expression is hust WOW!

      August 18th, 2015
    • Euphr This is oen of my top three photoshoots.

      September 14th, 2015
    • Edwin Nice shine.

      January 10th, 2017
    • Aton Very ghost in the machine

      February 17th, 2017
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