Harley Fever Update 2

Harley Fever Update 2

Harley Fever Update 2

Do you like this picture, which I selected to represent the second update? I think it is just perfect and unbelievable sexy and is a perfect selection to announce this new update of the session "Harley Fever". Do you want to hear some more details what you will see in this update?

One important detail is that I combined in this session casual with Latex Fashion. I love this combination of latex with casual fashion for walking sexy in public. If I am dressed like this walker cannot resist looking to me and following my steps. And how do you like my beautiful platform shoes? Do you not agree platform shoes make a sweet smaller girls feet and is not a sweet girls feet looking sexy? It also makes sexy long legs so that was the right choice for this nice update.

These are good reasons of course but I should also say that I wore my latex outfit while I was walking with in public. That is always so strange walking in latex in public while passer-by's watching and enjoy me. Its the light of the sun reflecting on my sexy latex dress, on my fully body and shows my body shape. This perfect shine of latex is most beautiful in public while daylight. Is it also not possible for you to look away if a girl with big boobs is passing you? Many guy love very big boobs and I totally understand. Big boobs are beautiful and that's the reason why you will love this update!

Was my description good to explain what you will get in "Harley Fever"? In my member's club are 15 latex pictures, which are from the recent update and exactly what you like to see. Now enjoy this beautiful update! Or are you not a registered member? Don't wait any longer and become a member today! Enjoy thousands of sexy latex pictures and high definition videos.

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  • Harley Fever

    • latexlover6 Nice bike but better outfit Sway. Would love to give You a ride on mine someday...

      December 19th, 2012
    • Heiko Hm a class update

      December 31st, 2012
    • Jackeroo Sway can ride my Harley any day!

      March 24th, 2013
    • Gerd Who better to emphasize the curves of a Harley as Sway. Curves, glamor and eroticism. A beautiful ne symbiosis

      September 07th, 2013
    • DCan You on a motorcycle is nothing but hot Sway.

      May 26th, 2018
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