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Dynamic Latex Military Girl part 2/2

Dynamic Latex Military Girl part 2/2

Dynamic Latex Military Girl part 2/2

I'm totally happy I can show you today another new update of this latex gallery in Susan Wayland Club. The gorgeous uniform is from the label Dead Lotus Couture - this one is so fantastic. This piece of art is fancy, sexy, modern and at the same time strict which gave the costume the typical military touch. I'm so excited what you guys think about the uniform and the images. I'm looking forward to your comments. And now please enjoy these pics and the awesome latex uniform. *sweet kisses* SWAY

  • Dynamic Latex Military Girl part 2/2
  • Dynamic Latex Military Girl part 1/2

  • Dynamic Latex Military Girl

    • Morrow totally love this latex uniform, you look hard and soft in the same moments, stunning!!! Please more photos like that!

      February 18th, 2016
    • Rob Z. oh very beautiful! who is the designer of the latex uniform?

      February 26th, 2016
    • Claus the latex uniform suits you very well. the red of the uniform goes so nice ... Show Alltogether with your hair and made a awesome contrast to the black colored latex stockings. also love the dynamic and strength in the photos! well done!

      March 04th, 2016
    • Lars Stunning - indescribably beautiful

      March 06th, 2016
    • Tanya your legs in black latex stockings are looking perfectly to me

      March 08th, 2016
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