Dressy Red Latex Fashion Part 3/5

Dressy Red Latex Fashion Part 3/5

Dressy Red Latex Fashion Part 3/5

Dear sweethearts! Today there is for you the third part of 'Dressy Red Latex Fashion' - you already know the gallery with this brilliant cherry redcoloured latex dress from Westward Bound. Red latex is anyhow a really great eye-cacher, don't you think?! No matter if it is cherry-red, deep bordeaux red or even a cheeky clear, transparent red tone. With a transparent red tone I mean a sexy red like the latex catsuit from the gallery Red Temptation has. Where each of my Tattoos only is to be foreseen cheeky under the catsuit cheeky, some part of the skin can be seen but mainly it's hidden. Explosive, enticing, nobly, hot and sexy! With such a sexy red-coloured latex dress I wear in today's update of Susan Wayland Club, there is no possibility pictures become boring! HAHA! In my opinion a red dress is always a good decision and can make almost nothing wrong. In the right combination red fits almost everybody. Almost? Yes even if is very special red tone, almost everybody can wear with the right make-up a sexy red dress. Well in opposite to red hair, that's a special case and this hairdo fits only a handful of people. But when why, how, whom, what and why fits good or can be combined with something, is another subject. It's an article for my personal blog and the lady column 'Fashion & Beauty'. Now, I wish you a lot of fun with the new photos! *sweet kisses*

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  • Dressy Red Latex Fashion

    • Guest Absolutely wonderful dress.
      Can't make up my mind whether I prefer this shoot or the one you did in a few years ago in the same dress when you were blonde.

      February 07th, 2016
    • wolfxomg I know this dress from the foxy latex princess set, just perfect, Only missing piece is the Latex boots :D

      February 08th, 2017
    • NewFan really nice

      January 20th, 2018
    • DCan Sway, in red latex, in nature. Nice!

      April 26th, 2018
    • wonder76 miam

      August 09th, 2019
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