Crazy in Latex and Ballet Boots Part 2/5

Crazy in Latex and Ballet Boots Part 2/5

Crazy in Latex and Ballet Boots Part 2/5

The new week begins with thrilling pictures in latex and ballet boots! And I am glad that you are so happy just as me that there are photos with these extraordinary shoes once again here in the Susan Wayland Club! Anyway that was more than late, because the last photos in ballet boots were, I believe, in the gallery Extra Hot in Ballett Boots where you could see me once quite different, namely as a sexy red head!:-) It is indeed not easily to stand and walk in ballet boots and I've been asked few times already whether I have the one or other trick and/or advice for this. When it comes to ballet boots I'm pretty sure everybody has here absolutely his quite own method and I will see whether I could manage it to write an entry in my personal blog about this topic for you. Maybe I can answer the one or other of your questions. Till then I wish you a lot of fun with the new latex photos and my ultra long latex legs in ballet boots - hehe! *sweet kisses*

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    • FerryZ. wonderful, awesome, fantastic photo set - please more pics of you in ballet heels. it looks so easy and elegant on you!

      July 21st, 2015
    • Buxton Tolles Set. Deine Beine sind unglaublich sexy, aber wenn sie in Latex gehüllt ... Show Allsind und du dann auf noch Ballet Stiefel trägst, sind sie so was von der HAMMMER! Ich könnte sie den ganzen Tag lang anstarren!!

      August 16th, 2015
    • NewFan coool

      January 20th, 2018
    • DCan Once again, love the ballet heels. That combined with the bondage top, stunning. All the working out you do is definitely worthwhile to all of us fans.

      March 23rd, 2018
    • Steffen crazy sexy Outfit

      September 04th, 2018
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