Classic Diva

Classic Diva

Classic Diva

Do you love ambitious latex photography as much like me? If so, you will love these latex pictures of the session "Classic Diva". I am sure it is exactly what are you looking for.

Do you love modern art work of sexy girls in naughty posings? If so, you will love this update. My latex outfits are absolutely sexy because these tight dresses show my body shape perfectly. That let me feeling very naughty. Do you want to read some more details of this update?

Surely, you have already noticed that I am in this session just the sweet next door girl for you. Or let me say you can see me here like I am. The sweet and sexy girl is modelling for you. That is the right expression for me and this cute latex dress. Did you have already noticed my nylons in this session? I think it is a very special combination of Latex Fashion and nylons. This opposit of modern latex and classical nylons is unusual but maybe that is what I like in this session as well.

That is not enough for you? Wow, so let me say that I wear in this session a close latex catsuit. You know I love to show you my naked skin but I also love to show you my body totally wrapped into a latex catsuit.

By the way the session Classic Diva contains 20 beautiful latex pictures. I hope my brief description could intrigue you for this update and thousands of more latex pictures and HD videos. So login now in my member's area or join today.

  • Classic Diva Update 2
  • Classic Diva

  • Classic Diva

    • Thanatos Love it schwanken. Thight Latex-Outfit. sieht sehr sexy an dir. =)

      March 07th, 2013
    • paul Ein tolles Outfit, machte wirklich toll, indem Sie es tragen Sway, wunderschöne klassische shoot!

      March 20th, 2013
    • RamaII Ich mag die Orange, sehen Sie nicht diese Farbe alot. Sie machen es sehr einladend und schön. Keep on halten auf. :) R

      March 31st, 2013
    • Gerd Verrucht und sehr sexy . Set ist aber viel zu kurz . Wo bleibt der Finale Strip ?

      September 06th, 2013
    • Nicholas ein tolles Set von einer tollen Frau, dieses Outfit ist unique und passt super zu dem Thema Diva

      September 08th, 2015
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