Christmas Angel Update 2

Christmas Angel Update 2

Christmas Angel Update 2

This latex picture, which you can see is from the recent update of the session "Christmas Angel". It is one if 20 latex pictures and I think it represent this great update fantastically.

If you prefer girls wearing latex and not to be nearly naked this session is what you like. It a so called Heavy Rubber session. As heavy rubber I count a latex catsuit because you do not see much naked skin. I wear in this session so much latex there would be no place for much naked skin. :) Do you want to read some more details of this update?

You may be sure that you can enjoy in this session some of my sexy piercings. A piercing for me is jewellery but not on a classical way. It is different and modern and more private. That is what I like but I also enjoy while you are watching my sexy piercings. That is the reason why some friends of mine called me once "Piercing Girl" because they thought I could distend this. However, piercings are more than jewellery for me. It is a personal sexy element of a girl like me. It is a part of me and so you will for sure love it in this update! For sure you are loving if I looking sweetly and be a virgin in some session. A latex mask is totally different but I like extremes. Especially in this session a latex mask was this naughty but Artistic special element to make this update different.

How about that I wear in this session transparent latex. You know I love transparent Latex Fashion. It allows you watching my body but also hides it slightly. It is nice to know you can enjoy my body but do not see it directly. And how do you like my beautiful platform shoes? Do you not agree platform shoes make a sweet smaller girls feet and is not a sweet girls feet looking sexy? It also makes sexy long legs so that was the right choice for this nice update.

Was my description good to explain what you will get in "Christmas Angel"? In my member's club are 20 latex pictures, which are from the recent update and exactly what you like to see. I am sure this update would satisfy you! So login now and enjoy all latex pictures and HD videos to my member's club.

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  • Christmas Angel

    • soeren Wonderful set and very delightful. Pleasure watching this. Would like to see more of this.

      August 06th, 2011
    • S_nhoopy You're very sexy on your shiny zentai. Please, take other many set in zentai, it's so beautifull.

      October 21st, 2011
    • PrinceAlbert Dam baby where are all the pics to go with the video?

      February 19th, 2012
    • PrinceAlbert Sorry another shot im not keen on because of the mask and that it hides your face, sorry Sway

      February 21st, 2012
    • Hatcherson to have def dumb blind and mute version of the original sway with all normal ... Show Allmotor functions eating shitting and versed in the fine arts of a whore then this could be in your cellar allong next to a torture table GD this worlds fucked up

      September 10th, 2012
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