Ballet Christmas Angel Update 2

Ballet Christmas Angel Update 2

Ballet Christmas Angel Update 2

This update from the session "Ballet Christmas Angel" contains 26 beautiful latex pictures and this picture here is just one of them. Do you like it?

As you can see on the pictures I do not show much skin because I wear a lot of latex. That the reason I have declared this session as Heavy Rubber. So heavy rubber might be what you like to see? So you are a heavy rubber fan? So you should never miss this great session with a lot of latex and beautiful reflections. Do you want to hear some more details what you will see in this update?

I would like to start to say that I wear in this session transparent latex. You know I love transparent latex fashion. It allows you watching my body but also hides it slightly. It is nice to know you can enjoy my body but do not see it directly. And while that is important for me it could be also nice to know I wore multiple layers of latex in this session. You know what I mean? I wear a latex outfit on my naked skin and to make this more interesting I took another latex piece and pulled this over my first latex outfit. Wearing latex is very sexy for me but to know multiple latex on my skin is extreme sexy.

That's what you like? Reaf on because its also good to know that I also wear some eccentric ballet boots in the session Ballet Christmas Angel. It is not because ballet boots are so comfortable for a girl like me. Also not because its so simply walking and posing in ballet boots. Its because ballet boots make perfect feet. Ballet boots just looking so very sexy on me. Did you know I choose my favorite latex for this session. It's red latex and it looks always fantastic. I'm sure it was the right choice because "Ballet Christmas Angel" looks perfect with this red latex outfit.

How about that I wear in this session a beautiful hot latex mini dress? I love to wear a tight and short mini dress like in "Ballet Christmas Angel" because it's a big for for me to be naughty in a shooting. Latex stockings always look sexy but to make a latex outfit very hot it's good to have a latex suspenders belt. Especially, latex stockings looking more sexy with suspenders as usually and are eye catching. Do you prefer watching a more dominant or a more sweet and sexy girl? Here in this session I am your sweet and sexy girl next door. Is this schoolgirl style what you are looking for? That is perfect because this update is exactly what you are looking for. Furthermore, I need to say I love the look of my latex stockings in this session.

Was my description good to explain what you will get in "Ballet Christmas Angel"? In my member's club are 26 latex pictures, which are from the recent update and exactly what you like to see. So enjoy this fantastic update because I am sure you are now just curious to see the full session. Login now or join today to see thousands of sexy latex pictures and high definition videos.

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    • Gerd Angels to availability guide. Love the rich red latex on her beautifully tion cuisine body

      September 12th, 2013
    • Euphr You are the perfect angel.

      September 14th, 2015
    • Edwin Beautiful set.

      January 10th, 2017
    • Edwin My angel. what a beauty.

      January 20th, 2017
    • Calibro i wish , i wish upon the Ballet Christmas Angel the she will always be creative and always so beautiful.

      March 01st, 2018
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