Exotic Rubber Paradise: Part 2 (17 Photos)

Exotic Rubber Paradise: Part 2 (17 Photos)

Exotic Rubber Paradise: Part 2 (17 Photos)

I am a fan of unusual and sexily Latex Fashion, above all, however, I have a faible for sexy miniskirts. Hence, I have been pleased gigantically to do this photo shooting in latex for you. Some time ago I had visited the beautiful island Malta and then, nevertheless, to one of these hot summer days I wanted to wait no longer and jump into my new minidress of House of Harlot. The dress is totally sexy, especially the cheeky cut in cleavage has enchanted me. And also if the sun burned brutal this day on my skin, I still wanted to wear long black latex stockings to this minidress. I find the combination goes so well together, don't you think? Please enjoy the 2nd part of this archive gallery. *sweet kisses* SWAY

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  • Exotic Rubber Paradise

  • Exotic Rubber Paradise

    • Spookywooky Great set

      October 10th, 2019
    • Spookywooky Vert hot and steamy style for sure, and the poses in the later update of this ... Show Allphotoset are the best. Good contrast between that pink latex and green leaves. Combined with black gloves and stockings, just perfect. Love the work Sway, and kind pitty that there is no video for this update. I think it will be a really great video. Exotic? it surely is.

      October 13th, 2019
    • Sal88 Loving the jungle vibe......

      February 09th, 2020
    • Sal88 The dress looks amazing

      February 29th, 2020
    • Zeb I really like the way the dress crosses around the collar. I looks so good on you.

      about 1 day ago
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