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A Rubbery Ballet Dream Part 3

A Rubbery Ballet Dream Part 3

A Rubbery Ballet Dream Part 3

Ballet boots, I totally love them! They make you endlessly long legs, are extravagant and everything but not common. Every time I wear, pose or walk in ballet heels it is over and over a pure joy. And because it is already too long ago since the last ballet boots gallery in the Susan Wayland Club, I totally happy I can share this new photo set with you finally! Enjoy the photos! *sweet kisses* SWAY

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  • A Rubbery Ballet Dream

    • Gerry i am a fan of ballet heels and would like to know if you are planning further ... Show Alllatex photos with ballet boots? Also a video of you walking in ballet heels would be fantastic!

      August 26th, 2016
    • Missy YES! Please a video!!!

      August 30th, 2016
    • SWAY I'm so sorry guys, unfortunately this gallery has no video but in the next ballet heel gallery there will be a video for you - BIG Sway promise!!!

      September 01st, 2016
    • Edwin Holy moocow, beautiful.

      January 13th, 2017
    • Aton Narrow black latex catsuit with ballet boots . Such an ordinary name for an outstanding look.Its like each costume should be given a new name like a pet.

      February 24th, 2017
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