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Shiny Flower World Part 3

Shiny Flower World Part 3

Shiny Flower World Part 3

To wear shining and soft latex is thrilling over and over again. The latex lies close on the skin, you feel a light pressure, however, you still have the feeling you would be naked. It fascinates me over and over again like latex tricks me. It is the play with the imagination, do I be naked now or not, or even both?

During this summer day when I have worn this shiny red latex summer outfit of Latexa I thought I would be dressed for a beach walk. I felt the wind, like the breezes blew playfully with the latex ruffles and how the rubber warmed itself up more and more by the sunrays. I had the feeling if I would wore something airy or almost nothing. And nevertheless if I looked down on my body I saw this red coloured outfit, the long black latex stockings and the glossy long gloves. Enjoy the new photos! *sweet kisses* SWAY

  • Shiny Flower World Part 3
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  • Shiny Flower World

    • Jossy sunshineeee!!!!

      January 04th, 2017
    • Steph Sway is wearing a sexy red latex outfit and pigtails! Perfect!

      January 04th, 2017
    • Tyler This is an absolutley fantastic summer session! The red latex, black gloves and ... Show Allstockings are looking amazing on your body. The pics feel so fresh and you look super hot as always! Keep up the great work Suzie!

      January 04th, 2017
    • Amelia great colors! red looks fantastic on you and all the pretty yellow sunflowers give the whole set a nice woman/girl touch, LOVELY!

      January 05th, 2017
    • Laury my sunshine!

      January 09th, 2017
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