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Sexy boots and stockings part 3

Sexy boots and stockings part 3

Sexy boots and stockings part 3

Garter stockings have a certain and fascinating mood influence on me. Like some kind of a sensual eroticism mixed with debonair elegance. It is quite handy that these can be used as accessories in seducing someone special.

I remember when I was a teenager, I went with my parents to a vernissage. I was bored out of my skull between all the people strutting around while I was snooping to find something of interest. I came upon a truly stunning woman nearby, which was blessed with an incredible figure and had the cojones to show the body off as well. I liked her on the spot.

Her magnetic persona, elevated by her classy demeanor, but also reflected by her choice of clothing, commandeered the attention of the whole room. She casually sipped from a champagne glass in her left hand. She also wore a long, black evening gown, which I considered to be a bit too modest, but then I noted that this gown had a smartly tailored slit on the side, where her incredibly shaped legs were allowed to peek out and so I found the inspiration for this photoshoot! Have fun! *sweet kisses* SWAY

  • Sexy boots and stockings part 3
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  • Sexy boots and stockings part 1

  • Sexy boots and stockings

    • Elson T. my kinky dream girl

      March 31st, 2017
    • Roger Some new pictures with stockings would be nice. I like the old ones but i think the new hairstyle and colour fits you more.

      April 01st, 2017
    • wolfxomg These boots are too hot, I wish you sell more apparel like those boots I'd be first to grab them, Legendary boots worn by my Lady Sway.

      April 05th, 2017
    • DC Breathtaking, as usual!

      April 08th, 2017
    • TorpedoToni wow. just wow.

      May 02nd, 2017
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