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Sexy Winter Girl Part 3

Sexy Winter Girl Part 3

Sexy Winter Girl Part 3

Going for a walk in winter is, at least to me, simply awesome. I love it when the snow is crunching under my boots, the cold wind blowing around my nose and I feel all cozy and warm tucked within my skin jacket. These are incidentally the moments where I get the most insane ideas, who knows what am I wearing under such a jacket, if anything?

On one such walking occasion I decided to wear a tight net body and found that it did turn me on doing that. So I went into the woods, my, oh my, the little red riding hood lost the hood. Anyway, I was clothed all sexy under my jacket. The people passing me by did not know any better! Can you grasp what an incredible feeling this was? So hot, so fantastic, the skimpy nothing barely covering anything, all the goodies just three buttons away. I sneeze and the next passer-by gets a heart attack, or raises an eyebrow and then some, if you catch my drift. I barely contained myself from flashing people. Seriously! Have a lot of fun with these wintery photos! *sweet kisses* SWAY

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  • Sexy Winter Girl

    • Rob Z. great location! didn't you freeze?

      December 17th, 2016
    • Freddy god, you are one of the most beautiful creations on the planet

      December 17th, 2016
    • PeekFreans ^

      about 1 day ago
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