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Latex Fetish Pony Girl - Latex Fashion Model Susan Wayland

Did you ever had the fortune to see a living Pony Girl from the old world of Eden? Have you ever had the chance to look into the deep blue eyes of a Pony Girl and to feel the infinity within? Could you ever feed your eyes on the perfect body of a Pony Girl or are you just aware of the old legends about the beauty of these beings?

Till recently not even I was sure about the existence of these apparently "magical" beings, right until I ordered a glass of milk in a smoky pub as usual. Since it was pretty crowded there again, I headed for the last free seat at a table, at which an old man sat already. "I awaited you." the white haired man said and nodded to me friendly.

My exceedingly surprised expression seemed to affect the mans warm smile not in the slightest and I took a seat while trying to remember his face. "You awaited me?", I asked with doubt and tried to return a natural and friendly smile. "I awaited you" he said again, this time with a more serious face, "and we don't have much time!"

Iritated I still smiled and wondered, if he might mistake me for somebody else. But before I could start to say anything he continued, with a more hushed voice and not wasting any time, asking if I know the old legends of Eden. Not awaiting my answer he said "Of course you know about the old world." I still looked at him wide-eyed and didn't realised that I was still simpering. The stranger had a long shaggy beard, he wore a dark worn off coat and he appeared to be very old and meager even though his eyes blazed of life. Still I didn't know how far I could put trust in his words, but an inner power, a feeling of confidence, made me nod. The corner of his mouth moved slightly to show consent, but the man looked down and seamed to think very carefully about what he was going to say next.

The pub was crowded and many little groups were sitting at close quarters talking about all possible things. They laughed and were good humored, but this stranger draw all my attention. I was still holding the glass of milk in my hand and looking over him. Who was this stranger, where did he come from and what did he know about the old world? For a second I still tried to remember if I had seen this man somewhere and sometime already, but the next moment the door of the pub got opened and a frigid air draft blowed in carrying snowflakes to our table. The man scared up like out of a state of trance and said in a whisper "We have to take care!" I leaned forward, checked that nobody was watching my lips, and whispered "What do you know about the old world of Eden?" Frowning he said "The knowledge is in danger! The truth is about to get lost!" Again there was silence and I wondered, if that old man was fooling me or if he was speaking the truth and just searching for the right words to expain the situation best. "What is in danger? Which knowledge are you talking about?" I asked very quiet whatching his eyes closely to possibly get a better idea of what he intends. "The knowledge about the pony girls which got ..." a loud squeak made him scare up again and his eyes kept looking to the pub entrance. The blizzard seamed to become stronger and some snowflakes got stuck in the beard of old man. We were still looking at the person standing in the pub entrance, obviously looking around carefully and not minding to close the door. Some people turned around visibly annoyed to the stranger whose face wasn't visible due to smoke and dim light. "It's time!" Surreal it got aspirated in a deep and stronge voice into the pub and the silhouette turned around and slowly disappeared in the flaring up show storm.

The guests didn't seam much irritated by the short visit but they look relieved as the door closed. The old man looked still to the door but now he held a silver box in his hand. Slowly he turned back to me and I got a frightened as I saw him. The stranger's face suddenly appeared to me incredibly pale and he looked much older than before. His eyes were pallid and his beard seemed much whiter than before.

I looked to the old man and the box and I asked myselft what it could be, making the man change that way. With a spontaneous, expressionless voice he whispered to me: "They are coming! They are coming for me and they want to get me! They want to lay claim to the knowledge about the Pony Girls of the Old World of Eden, but never they shall get it from me!". He looked bitterly towards the door of the pub but nobody opened. He looked at me and smiled with a lot of compassion: "You are to transmit the knowlege! I'm sorry but from now on it's your part because you were chosen! I fulfilled my duty." His look was serious again and I was just about to stand up and to stop spending any more time for him as he continued with a gentle voice: "The Pony Girls of the Old World of Eden were the biggest treasure and success of the Creation. Some people say the Pony Girls had the gift to determine the luck or the misfortune of a person and just looking at a Pony Girl floods you with the feeling of joy and warmth." He took a break to see whether I was following. I was sitting in front of him gawping and soaking up what he said. Wasn't this what I've been searching for all my life? My stomach hurt because I leaned forward to him more and more while I had forgotten about the table between the two of us completely.

"Once the Pony Girls lived in stoves and it was allowed to them to reach the earth through a portal... no Pony Girl resembles another one!", he said with a shaking voice and it seemed he was just before breaking out in tears. "They were what's today called 'perfect' ...", and he stopped for a moment. " ... However, they were too good for the people.... WE'VE THEM ABUSED!", he said with an fire in his eyes and it seemed he wanted shout it out.

His look rested again at the door of the pub. After a longer while he turned back and looking with reddened eyes on the box. He continued his story as he told it to him self and I bent even closer to him: "...abused! The villains. They trot with style on noble pony hoofs over the fields. Their bodies were perfect and flawless and had no fur like the ponies of this world." He seemed to consider how he should continue as it would be hard for him to describe them. "The Pony Girls were absolute flawless. Some shone wrapped in their black latex and they looked like made out of pure steel and some other had such perfect women's bodies and their uniqueness were simply wrapped in a clean transparent layer of clear latex." The man looked as he would describe at this moment his loveliest dream and it was well to see him briefly smiling. "The legs were unnatural long and were brilliantly wrapped in this thin layer of shiny material - latex! I don't know whether the Pony Girls where in knowlege which effect they had on people however ... her butt, their beautiful asses were so beautiful round and shiny like their long latex legs. A corsage or something like that gave them a strong hold. Maybe they wore this belt for protection because they were maybe very vulnerable at this point... at least it was narrowly and tight laced around the Pony Girls belly but their perfect grace, their gentle appearance and her movements seemed not to be interfered in slightest... they were an appearance in this shining latex ... them us brought luck...", and his look became fierce, " ... and we've abused them!... Abused!... Abused!". He looked to me with a questioning look: "Please take the box and find a way to publicate the general legacy of the Pony Girls and give on this way luck for everybody. Find a way, so that...", again he was interrupted again by the squeak of the door. A unbelieveable blizzard was outside of the pub and the strong strocky man stood in the door again.

The old man loosed the box as it belongs never him. Now his look was austere and hard as his look rested at the door. He got up slowly and carefully and he slowly moved to the door without giving me any appreciate look. He disappeared with the strong man stealthy in the blizzard.

The door just closed as I've recognized the box on the table. I set alone at the table was not sure what do do now, so I jumped up with the box and run to the door to ask the old man all my unanswered questions. However, as I stand at the street I was alone and I can't see any feet steps in the snow. A dream? The storm which just apparently wanted to destroy the town just laid and I still look to the end of the street.

A little bit chilled through I went back to the pub which appeared to me now by far louder and happier than before. I set back to my place and opened the box because I hoped to find here the answers to my questions. "Who was the old man and who was the stranger in the door? Where are the Pony Girls now and are there any more?" Instead of finding the answers I found only an envelope with different photographies.

I took a look over the pictures where nobody could see them and I became more and more dizzy. This was the proof that the legends of the Pony Girls aren't an imagination. My heart was in my mouth as I've never felt before; they were simply perfect! I soaked up the pictures in myself and I felt an unbelievable feeling of pleasure arised in me. The bodies were unique and the latex shone in an undescribable beautful and different way.

Quietly I said to myself, "I will fulfil my foreordination! I will publicate the knowledge. Everybody should have seen the Pony Girls!"

Susan Wayland

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