Devilish Rubber Alien

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Devilish Rubber Alien - Latex Story Susan Wayland

Who doesn't know the stories about Obi-Wan, Anakin, Yoda and especially R2-D2 and Jabba from StarWars? And who of you hasn't ever the dream to be in another time far away and to live together with those alien creatures? At a place where an extraordinary appearance doesn't matter because all of the animals are scary ones, where the personal outfit however abstract it is seems to be more than normal and where black and transparent latex is common for everyone as a daily outfit.

Peter W. Czernich built up for the session "Devilish Rubber Alien" the perfect backround and with the tricks of the visagist of Marquis and with the absolut sexy Marquis costum it was possible to turn the phantasie to reality. The combination of the black-transparent latex catsuit and all the spikes and tubes attached on the catsuit let look the whole outfit totally futuristic. And finally it was like twist of fate that we did that shooting quiet after my new "hair-style" in the sommer: My very short and extrem platin blonde hair was styled to a cheeky mohawk. That look was perfect ... at least to play a sexy headhunter girl from the future. :)

Enjoy the pictures ... and may the force be with you!!! :))

Susan Wayland

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