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Crazy Latex Punk - Latex Fetish Model Susan Wayland

A mix of sex-appeal, diabolicalness and rogue ... this was excactly my dream of my self transformation and whoever this alien was, it felt good and powerful. It played provocative with the camera, glittered and jumped agressively in the room with black shiny walls. Then, suddenly somebody gave it hand chains and foot chains and animated from apparently ill desires, it started to tie up himself and to torment the wonderfully shining red body... But how did it came to this transformation?

Who has ever thought to be different one day, simply mad and more extremely than you already are? Simply to change into a different character? Definitely it was a desire of me! And that's the reason how I became a freaky punk - just a crazy punk girl! And for it my makeup, hair and outfit had to fit perfectly! :)

First I begun with my crazy makeup. I had a really brilliant idea in my mind and I hoped also to be able to realize it the way it should be. The most important thing, on this occasion, were for me the eyes! With the most different colors and powders I tried to realize my idea. Very very important was my skin and I wanted to let this looking like pure marble. After a while and a small breath blusher at the end and my face looked really perfect. And well I just spend not more than one and a half hours for it! ;)

However... Finally I had created exactly what I wanted to realize: A strange appearance with a little bit style of illness. Only one little thing was missing! I looked and looked and then I found the chief attraction: blazing red contact lenses! Ha! The hair was the last thing which had to fit and I wanted to have a wildly and crazy style! After two and a half hours of affectionate work I had achieve my aim!

Much simpler was now to find the right outfit! I had choosen my gleaming red catsuit of Blackstyle which lies so really narrowly close to my body and looks so incredibly crassly. I pulled my black stockings over it as a kind of contrast and in addition my 8.5 inch plateaus! To complete yet my desire to Heavy Rubber, I pulled on my beloved black gloves and NOW the outfit was ready! The transformation was finished! Now look in the gallery to understand what I mean! :)

Susan Wayland

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