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Biker Girl - Latex Fashion Model Susan Wayland

A fucking great motorbike alone has his own flair already. But if you let it looks quite pretty and combine it with a sexy blonde girl wears an amazing fire-looking latex corset then you will have good conditions for a really nice photoshoot!

Once in time the stunning motorbike have had a guest role in one of our galleries. Also this time it got a special part in "Biker Girl" and it made a superb job again. That meant for me that I had to wore a really special outfit for our get-together. Therefore I elected an unique piece of latex jewellery made by Bodycult: A long overbust corset, who range to the hips and the butt, the complete back part of the corset consists of a VERY long lacing. But the most amazing eye candy is the extraordinary and beautiful colour-mix of the latex in the front part! With the mixture of yellow, orange, rose and a deep red the colour combination reminds of fire and flames. The colour burns in the eyes of the viewer! ;)

I combined the latex corset with a pair of nice fishnet stockings and high black boots. As such a sexy Biker Girl I had no problems to met my "motorbike" date. ;) It's a photoset for the lovers of motorbikes, blonde girls and last but not least for the lovers of extraordinary latex outfits. Enjoy the set!

Susan Wayland

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