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Latex Fetish Tour

Fishnet and Corset
Fishnet and Corset

94 Pictures

Fishnet and Corset

I'm a passionate corset lover. I love this special if my body is held and shaped by a corset. It's a feeling which can't be described even you've tried this for yourself. A corset gives this awesome feeling to be wrapped in a beautiful dress and every move reminds you about it. But furthermore a latex corset as also another great effect: It looks unbelievable hot. ...

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March 01st, 2019

Seductive Latex Pleasure at the pool
Seductive Latex Pleasure at the pool

84 Pictures

Seductive Latex Pleasure at the pool

On a hot summer day I've spent some time at the pool and enjoyed while the sun kissed my skin and the water gave me the needed cooling when it was getting to hot. Actually, I prefer to take my sunbath completly naked but this day I decided to wear a seductive sexy latex combination. Therewith you can see me in my hot outfit from all ankles too I also did some photos for you on this sunny day. ...

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February 11th, 2019