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Latex Fetish Tour

Frosty Fire
Frosty Fire

96 Pictures - 4:19 min HD video

Frosty Fire

“Opposites attract” – this is how the saying goes, right? Black & white (I swear I do not mean the liquor), fire and ice and many such intriguing combinations, which all instill certain prickling sensations and have just a unique charm, all belong into this category. Alone in the name of my latest latex oriented – yeah, at least you can act surprised – photo gallery, ”Frosty FireĀ”, there is ...

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August 19th, 2019

Summery Latex City Walk
Summery Latex City Walk

100 Pictures

Summery Latex City Walk

I truly get to encounter a wide plethora of various experiences on my travels. Mind you, it is not that I mind very much to go to all the exotic locations and return to you with some interesting part of that particular vicinity. Quite to the contrary, I take these travels very serious, besides the enjoyment, and as many of you know, I keep a minute journal about my adventures. ...

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August 10th, 2019