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My little private space
My little private space

70 Pictures

My little private space

You may have noticed that I have a real affinity for latex. It is a wonderful material, the smell, the feeling of it on my skin and a lot more is responsible for my adoration. You have? Well, I gather I did mention it once or twice before. Not that I have elaborated on it once too often, I daresay. I did? ...

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about 3 days ago

Surreal Latex Land
Surreal Latex Land

72 Pictures - 11:54 min HD video

Surreal Latex Land

As I drove in my car along the coast of Greece, I saw some awe-inspiring areas that looked utterly surreal. Spiky and sharp rocks looked very unfriendly and from out of this world. It looked like the right setting for a science fiction movie. But while watching this landscape pass outside my car window and thinking about rubber, I had a cool idea: Why don't we combine this surreal terrain with ...

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about 5 days ago