German Fetish Bal 2005

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9:59pm August 23rd, 2005
German Fetish Bal 2005

1st up, great pics Sway and Norman, thanks for posting them up on the site!

Sway, did you get to choose your outfit for the show?

Was just wondering as whilst the orange 3/4 suit looks way funky, I thought other outfits shown would have looked soooooo much better. With legs like yours I reckon the black skirt with the split up the front (pics 6-9) and the little red dress in pics 19-27 would have looked incredible on you! Even better yet would have that first outfit in pic 1 with the thigh high red boots! Only get too see a glimpse of it in pics 35 - 39 but the tiny skirt and top with black/white/red stripes and the boots looked stunning as well.

Don't get me wrong here, I liked the orange outfit and you looked great in it but thought some of the other outfits would have looked simply stunning on you in comparison.

Thanks once again for the gallery, much appreciated.



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11:58am August 28th, 2005
Re: German Fetish Bal 2005

Hi Wayne.

You're right about the other outfits. They all have something special. I like the one on pic 6-9 alot too and the high red boots are great.

But no matter if Susan has a choice with an outfit, it's probably best to point out special ones, that we like. I think that way we can assist Susan and Norman in regards of what they might take for future shootings, you know? It's always good and helpful to know other peoples taste. And here that's us.

@ Sway :
So I definitely go for the black skirt like Wayne.



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5:58pm August 29th, 2005
Re: German Fetish Bal 2005

Hi there,

you are all right. The orange outfit for it's own is really cool. It's more a sporty design while the other outfits are more sexy. In this case an other outfit were perhaps better on stage this time but anyway I love this orange jumpsuit!



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5:03pm September 13th, 2005
Re: German Fetish Bal 2005

this orange outfit is great and looks very hot on your body

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10:09am September 14th, 2005
Re: German Fetish Bal 2005

I love the ORANANGE JUMPSUITE too!!!

It's soooooooooo great