Membership freeze

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3:34pm December 29th, 2015
Membership freeze

Hi Sway,

I did raise this some time ago but never got a reply so I thought I would post again.

I'm a longtime fan and have subscribed on a number of occasions since first discovering your website about 6 or 7 years ago.  I've made it to the rank of Ulimate on several occasions but when I have to let my membership lapse it's always quite frustrating when I join again because I don't get access to the archive section for a further 3 months. 

Is there anyway I can freeze my membership so when I come back I still have my Sway points & can still access the Archive section straight away?

Many Thanks


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3:25am January 06th, 2016
Re: Membership freeze

Dear Dean,
I'm happy to hear you enjoy my website now for so long! That's amazing! Thanks a lot for your support and loyality 
No worry, we will find a nice solution for your membership when you'll join back, just email us with all your former account information.