HUGE Thank-you to Norman and Sway

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11:21pm August 01st, 2008
HUGE Thank-you to Norman and Sway

I've been a member and regular on the site for quite a while now and seeing Norman's photography progress the way it has, and watching Sway's modeling develop has been a huge inspiation for me.

I swapped a few e-mail with Norman regarding photography and seeing the way this site has developed has played a really part in getting me back into photographing what I really love.

I know I've still got a long way to go get close to the standard set here, but I've made the frst steps and got some great news a few weeks back. Massad Magazine printed one of my shots on the cover of their latest issue :D

They've since asked for s short bio and may be printing more of my shots in the next issue or two so you can't wipe the smile off my face at the moment :D

Thanks Norman for the inspiration and tips/advice and thanks Sway for the great site and everythig you put into it.


HUGE Thank-you to Norman and Sway

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7:03am August 02nd, 2008
Re: HUGE Thank-you to Norman and Sway

Amazing shot Wayne! Congratualtion for you! It's always a pleasure to get the own photography on a magcover. I'm also photographer but far away from your or Normans quality. But if Norman supports you this will be only the first step of your career. lol


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8:47pm September 04th, 2008
Re: HUGE Thank-you to Norman and Sway

Hi Wayne,

I missed to congratulate your for this great cover! What a mess! It’s a nice composition and a great selection for a cover. Also the reflection on the floor is great!
I thank you to hear we could inspire you in your development progress. Otherwise, your comments, thoughts and ideas were also important for us to improve our photography. So we can say we helped each other with our positive feedback! :)
I’m looking forward to see more pictures in and on Massad but also other great magazines waiting for you.

All the best,