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6:57am February 12th, 2008

I have to compliment you. I love your webside which is really perfect.
Very nice pictures.


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11:55am February 17th, 2008
Re: Lob

Hey thank you.Nice to hear this!!!


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4:18am February 18th, 2008
Re: Lob

Not only the pictures are extremely great but also the new style sheet of the side. Its much more inviting by the brighter contrasts! What I lack personally is the index side and where one can directly chose English and German. This would save time for others searching for the other language flag on top right.
This one could still develop and to present special motives on the index to side, e.g., in Easter the picture session "Eh... Bunny".
Otherwise everything is perfect on this side!
So a praise to Norman Richter.
And of course also to Sway without her this side wouldn't be completely.

with kindly regards,


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12:10pm April 07th, 2012
Re: Lob

I can as my previous speakers (vorschreibern or xd?) only subsequently? s.It is a very wirglich beautiful and successful ne side, especially the pictures really augenschmaus