Washing Red Ferrari

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7:36am November 09th, 2007
Washing Red Ferrari

Lots of parralels and similarites to be draw from this set:
Ferrari - Sensational curves, looks fast and hot standing still, so does Sway!
Ferrari's always look good and look even better polished and shiny, so does Sway in rubber!
Ferrari = Italian Auto erotica admired by many, Sway = German fetish erotica admired my many

I've been a fan of Italian auto machinery since first seeing a Ferrari around 4 years old and got hooked on Ducati, MV Augusta and other Italian bikes in my early teens. I've always wanted to see a latex set with a Ferrari or a Ducati so am really stoked to see this set!

Love the outfit, very cheeky and fun while sexy at the same time, the car looks brilliant and as always great lighting and awesome shine showing. BRAVO!

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6:20am May 17th, 2008
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

Absolut sexy! Worth to see!

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8:48am October 27th, 2008
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

Great shoot but just a personal opinion that the tights just don't look good under transparent latex.

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2:53am June 26th, 2009
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

This set slowly grew on me, maybe the car was too distracting

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7:26pm November 09th, 2010
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

Something great. That is always good combination: girls+cars and here additionally with latex.

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11:26pm August 23rd, 2011
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

You drive me to the fast lane Lady. Very rich.


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10:10am May 05th, 2012
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

Red cars go faster - can we say the same about SWAY? There's one word for this, and that is 'yum'.


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2:22am September 10th, 2012
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

oh sweet tits on this one the fat mans sports car you now when those Goombahs where specing that car they had a mouth full of garlic bread and pasta while creating a 200,000 dollar car yeah doggy style

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4:36am September 16th, 2012
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

The transparent hot pants are really an eye-catcher to Susan. The fishnet tights underneath makes it very erotic. Naughty is the Z heads?. The AUto is but too much in the foreground. Series is too long f? R the topic

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5:41am November 30th, 2012
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

a perfect serie, look amazing in the hot pants.=)

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5:56am January 14th, 2013
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

WOW Very Sch? Ne pictures SWAY simply sexy


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10:55am April 05th, 2013
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

Beautiful woman, beautiful car...


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12:24pm July 22nd, 2013
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

Ferrari its not the car I´m looking for, SWAY looks much better

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9:52pm July 24th, 2013
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

sway looking sexy as always nice body

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6:15am August 01st, 2013
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

wow! it s the first time a ferrari disappears! YOU make it disappear!

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11:58pm August 23rd, 2013
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

The car, the girl, or both? This set plays it up really well! Thanks SWAY, great set!

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6:32am September 07th, 2013
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

Beautiful ne Netzstr battles? Erotic and latex make Sway to the eye-catcher in the Italian Ferrari diva.

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11:25am February 26th, 2015
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

What Ferrari?

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4:00am December 26th, 2015
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

revealing hotpants

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3:28pm April 28th, 2017
Re: Washing Red Ferrari

What an amazing pic...Really shows the talent and the dedication that goes into it.