Vivid Vixen

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2:07am August 10th, 2018
Vivid Vixen

fierce & wild! YEHAWWW!


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7:10pm August 10th, 2018
Re: Vivid Vixen

This is such a cool outfit. Purple has always looked stunning on you, and the contrast with the red hair is truly phenomenal. And here, your hair & make up are absolutely on point!! This is gonna be an absolutely EPIC set!!

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2:13am August 11th, 2018
Re: Vivid Vixen

your are on fire girl!

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4:52pm August 13th, 2018
Re: Vivid Vixen

WOW! Super hot set!! I cant wait for more updates!!!

Walter M.
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10:55am August 26th, 2018
Re: Vivid Vixen

fierce, feisty, sassy!


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6:00am September 16th, 2018
Re: Vivid Vixen

Sway, you are looks amazing hot.

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12:57am February 12th, 2020
Re: Vivid Vixen

This set is incredible! Your hair looks so good like that and I really love that corset. As always, you look perfect in purple.

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11:19pm February 21st, 2020
Re: Vivid Vixen

Sways so beautiful in purple latex