Total Blonde Nudity

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7:14am January 18th, 2008
Total Blonde Nudity

........WOW.......what a knock out set this is going to be ......litle lost for words at the moment!!

Right, drink of water and a few deep breathes and I'm right again

Sensational look, love latex mixed with texture and fishnets go fantastic worn over or under rubber and adding in the shiny collar finishes the look of perfectly. Mixing soft and lacy, tight and shiny, funky textures and hard metal together sounds like a chalenge but you've pulled it off perfectly.

Only thing missing for me would be a pair of killer high heels, even if just for the first few pics.

Definitely one hell of a sexy and exciting set and once again perfectly captured and displayed for us to see, well done!


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7:36am January 18th, 2008
Re: Total Blonde Nudity

Really fantastic pictures. Really sexy and erotically. Many thanks :)


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8:19am January 18th, 2008
Re: Total Blonde Nudity

Thank you! It's really nice to read you enjoy the new session... but mention the heels is for me as a heels lover very unfair. I just thought it might be different but you are soooo right Wayne!


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5:24am February 16th, 2008
Re: Total Blonde Nudity

This is really the best gallery I've ever seen!!

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6:49am May 12th, 2008
Re: Total Blonde Nudity

Simply a dream this girl

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11:49pm April 21st, 2009
Re: Total Blonde Nudity

Susan Wayland is fantic

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5:21pm August 27th, 2011
Re: Total Blonde Nudity

Surprisingly very relaxing and exposed. Very well done.

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1:25pm November 30th, 2012
Re: Total Blonde Nudity

sexy. yes, very exposed but we like it.=)

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2:05am September 18th, 2015
Re: Total Blonde Nudity

God! You're gorgeous!