Smoky Rubber Doll


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7:47pm January 24th, 2008
Smoky Rubber Doll

It's not often that i have to admit that the video apears (so far as i can tell, after i've seen only the first chunk of pictures) to be the highlight of the gallery.

Well done!

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7:56pm January 24th, 2008
Re: Smoky Rubber Doll

yes, the videos are a great and a very good addition to the pics presented.

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12:31am January 25th, 2008
Re: Smoky Rubber Doll

Oh my!!! I'm a bit out of sorts now having seen the first batch of pics.

Personally, this set just hits all the right buttons and has knocked me for six.
- high heels CHECK (even better they're ballets)
- stockings CHECK (even better they're seamed latex stockings)
- Lots of long legs on show CHECK
- Lots of tight fitting latex CHECK
- Great photography and lighting to show it all off as well as possible CHECK (as always)

Put it all together with my favourite fetish model and I'm sitting here stunned!

What a great way to start the Australia Day Long Weekend


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8:12pm January 25th, 2008
Re: Smoky Rubber Doll

Oh my god...

Sway, you look so fantastic in the Video and on pictures, I can realley not tell what i like most about it now.

It is the Best Video since the beginning and you are wearing the nicest outfit since months. Your smile while puting on the Ballet-Boots makes me feel like beeing in heaven and (by the way) you still look so sexy.

At this point I goota ask a question: "Who is searching for the right clothes for an shooting? Are you both involved, or is one of you responsible for the outfit?"

(This time i really messed up with the english-lessons my teacher told me once)

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4:56am February 18th, 2008
Re: Smoky Rubber Doll

Ahhh GEEZ!!!! More ballet boot pics....how's a guy to supposed to concentrate with updates like this

Certainly made hanging out for the next update well worth it!

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2:27pm June 29th, 2009
Re: Smoky Rubber Doll

The combination of transparent vest top and a tight g-string is fantastic

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5:03pm November 17th, 2010
Re: Smoky Rubber Doll

Great picture set in transparent bronze latex. Looks very cool!

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12:29am August 28th, 2011
Re: Smoky Rubber Doll

IRRISSISTABLE. This is what I call desert. Yum