Sexy Summer Holiday in Latex

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8:19am February 22nd, 2008
Sexy Summer Holiday in Latex

Arrrgghhh!! Heart stutter there for a second, you need to put a warning up for sets like this, I'm getting older you know

Pink and blue go together so well and this set is no exception. Love the colours, the sky and the reflections in the water, really creative and it comes together so well.

Having a litle trouble with the pink shirt and it's logo.... surely it can't be true?

Sway, you look as stunning as ever and love that outfit, especially the little shorts and heels. Norman, once again great lighting and creative poses and composition.

Sensational set!!



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12:06pm July 08th, 2008
Re: Sexy Summer Holiday in Latex

Simple but effective. Liked the contraddiction between baby and bitch

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7:09pm October 05th, 2008
Re: Sexy Summer Holiday in Latex

Love the whole concept and execution. I really enjoy it when you are able to get out of the studio and into the open air, whether that be in the city or the country it does not matter.


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3:09am November 02nd, 2010
Re: Sexy Summer Holiday in Latex

Also at oneself a very hot set , from whose one anymore have rausholen can . Good Zusammenstellung.

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11:01am August 27th, 2011
Re: Sexy Summer Holiday in Latex

Damn lady I would of stopped and put myself at your mercy. So very hot and sizzeling.