Red Castle Maid

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12:10am November 28th, 2007
Red Castle Maid

WOW, love the whole look of this set!

The deep blue sky, warm wood colours and the always lovely and shiny Sway all combine so well for a visually stunning look.

The only problem is, it is sets like this and others you've done that leave me wondering where all the tall, hot, blonde and gorgeous European women in rubber were when I visited earlier this year! Certainly never saw anything like this touring Malmohous or the forts and castles in Copenhagen


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2:45pm December 12th, 2007
Re: Red Castle Maid

Love this set, the setting, the rubber, the whole deal.

I just can't help but think of an old woman swimming cap when I see the patterned texture of the pink latex! Sorry, but these things need to said!

Smooth and shiny is the way!

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4:34pm January 06th, 2008
Re: Red Castle Maid

Very nice colors !!!!

Go on...

cheers, Frigo


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5:33pm January 13th, 2008
Re: Red Castle Maid

Black and Red are perfect contrast! I really love these combinations a lot


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2:34pm November 03rd, 2010
Re: Red Castle Maid

I see the exactly how Sway , red black are a really beautiful contrast , not only regarding that beautiful Latexmode.

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7:30pm August 24th, 2011
Re: Red Castle Maid

Beautiful ZING on the entire photo shoot. Very good choice of clothing. You have wonderful attributes.

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4:34am September 16th, 2012
Re: Red Castle Maid

Another dream in black and pink. She just looks beautiful from n with these colors.

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5:43am November 30th, 2012
Re: Red Castle Maid

Love the mix of Black and pink. You look amazing.=)

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5:56am January 14th, 2013
Re: Red Castle Maid

WOW Very Sch? Ne pictures SWAY


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3:23am September 01st, 2013
Re: Red Castle Maid

Teasing me to the limit Susan ;-)

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6:39am September 07th, 2013
Re: Red Castle Maid

Pink and black are your colors. She looks so great. Top images

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4:20am September 20th, 2013
Re: Red Castle Maid

nice setting ... the mix of colours is great !!!

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3:47am September 21st, 2013
Re: Red Castle Maid

Susan, you have a Timeless beauty - like the castle.

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3:50am August 18th, 2014
Re: Red Castle Maid

Nice set, your make up is really sensual

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11:58pm April 10th, 2018
Re: Red Castle Maid

The public setting is a nice touch.

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5:55pm May 01st, 2018
Re: Red Castle Maid

Always love the red and black!