Pink Rubber Puppet

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8:57am October 03rd, 2008
Pink Rubber Puppet

Wow - that sure is one hell of a spectacular dress and a great hood/mask too, both made to look even fantastic when worn by the likes of the always stunning Sway.

Love the contrast of the black trim on the dres and hood against the bright white background and soft pink of the dress, really adds another dimension to the shots.
Great make-up too, love the grey and black around the eyes to really draw them out from the softer colours surrounding them.
The more I look at the pics the more I see to like about them, great work!!

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11:51am September 14th, 2012
Re: Pink Rubber Puppet

Very tight and shows off her curves again razor sharp. at the first view mu? te I think the Teletubbies to latex. Cooool

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3:02pm November 30th, 2012
Re: Pink Rubber Puppet

A well made picture set. love the see thru latex. =)

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7:20am November 10th, 2013
Re: Pink Rubber Puppet

Beautiful pink nes. Since h? Tte but you make more of it k? Can. Much too small series

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8:53am February 28th, 2014
Re: Pink Rubber Puppet

Love the pink latex

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7:26am August 11th, 2014
Re: Pink Rubber Puppet

Not my favorite, but kinda sexy !

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2:01pm March 29th, 2018
Re: Pink Rubber Puppet

Revealing, yet so concealing, I'm not sure if I like This outfit as much. Could you move in it?