Luscious Lingerie

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5:30pm July 03rd, 2013
Luscious Lingerie

You Are Beautiful! Every time Every where

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10:54pm July 03rd, 2013
Re: Luscious Lingerie

This set started off really great, can't wait for more updates!

Gummi Bear
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11:52am July 08th, 2013
Re: Luscious Lingerie

You are the best! I wish to purchase All your dvd clips!I think you are on to something special if you mix the fabrics with part latex, combining both (wearing nylon stocking with latex top etc)in a photo set. Thanks! Hope you get to rest sometime, you never stop working! Lucky us!

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5:16am September 07th, 2013
Re: Luscious Lingerie

One of the best sets? Ever. A perfect kitchen in perfect body W? Cal. TOP

D Duck
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6:20am August 11th, 2014
Re: Luscious Lingerie

Xd I lOVE beautiful women in lingerie just looks so sensual and erotic well done

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12:32pm September 01st, 2015
Re: Luscious Lingerie

what a seductive and erotically lingerie! the red bra, suspender and stockings are soooo SEXY! Hot as hell Sway!


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6:31am March 16th, 2017
Re: Luscious Lingerie

that is so sexy


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6:19am May 16th, 2017
Re: Luscious Lingerie

Another amazing set. I love what you have written here too. So mysterious and seductive. I saw you there all along hehe. How could i not? Your devine beauty and incredible sexiness stands out no matter where you are. So much love for you Susan xxx

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2:16pm March 24th, 2018
Re: Luscious Lingerie

I picture a tigress ready to pounce...so seductive