Fully Fetish Cats

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10:40am August 15th, 2008
Fully Fetish Cats

WOW!! I am totally blown away by this set, 96 shades of pure awesome and the sexiest of kitty-cats!
I've been addicted to catwoman sets for ages and especially love these masks.
Sway you look unbelievably amazing in all red and that mask and catsuit are just purrrrfect on you.
Fetish Academy 5 will definitely have to find it's way into my DVD collection.

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12:47am August 17th, 2008
Re: Fully Fetish Cats

they should be wearing heels, otherwise fantasic!


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9:11am August 18th, 2008
Re: Fully Fetish Cats

What would anyone do to have a chance of being coated in oil in amongst these purrrfect latex suited beauties, mmmm brings many thoughts to my mind ;)


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9:05am November 27th, 2009
Re: Fully Fetish Cats

High gloss everywhere. Only missing some additional eyecatchers and accessoirs


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6:54am November 07th, 2010
Re: Fully Fetish Cats

Real one well considered scene . The Vereinigung by red and black is here very well appointed become . Gefällt me .

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9:21am September 15th, 2012
Re: Fully Fetish Cats

Interesting series with almost anonymous model, because you just can erahmen faces. F r? Me well enough. H tte? Like the introduction or outlook of the dress or seen.

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2:50pm November 30th, 2012
Re: Fully Fetish Cats

love it, full latex suit. amazing scene.=)

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7:10am November 10th, 2013
Re: Fully Fetish Cats

Almost invisible, the red outfit. Merges with the HIntergrund. Cool

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7:36pm September 14th, 2015
Re: Fully Fetish Cats