Extreme Long Corset

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5:57am November 26th, 2011
Extreme Long Corset

Love the corset in this set. it looks so dazzeling and really highlights sway's lovely breasts

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6:12pm February 24th, 2012
Re: Extreme Long Corset

Love how long the corset is but i also love the black highlight in her hair, really goes well with it.

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1:32am March 28th, 2012
Re: Extreme Long Corset

great Corset, lovely details.

The whole outfit are amazing. Awsome Boots, Fishnet stockings are always sexyand the choker. Your too damn hot.


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2:45pm May 08th, 2012
Re: Extreme Long Corset

It may be a long corset, but the way it ends at the top of the thighs like a microdress is incredibly sexy.

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5:51pm June 19th, 2012
Re: Extreme Long Corset

I have nevers seen a multicolor latex garment like this one... How is it made? Is it some kind of paint or the material color???


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10:45pm August 23rd, 2012
Re: Extreme Long Corset

damn Sway  you really know how to shake it momma have a purr to you that just resonates gret work you probly eat a lot of fish yeah just gonna imagine you do if you dont man im ready for some salmon

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11:45am August 27th, 2012
Re: Extreme Long Corset

Beautiful ne corsage. The Br Residents look even gr? It. With the Netzstr? Fight very beautiful to look n

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12:01pm October 12th, 2012
Re: Extreme Long Corset

Hm a dream Long Corset

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5:29am November 15th, 2012
Re: Extreme Long Corset

Is it the outfit or your extremely sexy body that always makes perfect pictures.=) amazing outfit, love the different coloured corset. Sparkling as always sway.

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3:19pm April 04th, 2013
Re: Extreme Long Corset

This corset is amazing, and the colors are outstanding. Having you in them is truly an added bonus. Breathtaking.Rama

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1:33am May 12th, 2013
Re: Extreme Long Corset

You look great in fishnets

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8:08am September 14th, 2013
Re: Extreme Long Corset

S? Sse corsage. Beautiful nes set with fishnet tights


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4:08am August 08th, 2015
Re: Extreme Long Corset

what a perfect way to show off Sway's perfect body with this long corset, some sexy fishnets, and my favorite boots