Delicious Bronze Beauty

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7:01am September 19th, 2008
Delicious Bronze Beauty

Normally I"m not a fan of bronze latex ..... but I'll make an exception in this case :D
Bronze goes really nice with Sway's blonde hair and great skin and the cut/styling is sensational in this suit - love it!!

Those heels rock too :D

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8:47am September 19th, 2008
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Bronze.... Mhhh.
Whats better.
Sway in a latex suit which looks like bronze or a Sway sculpture made out of bronze :D
Maby both :)


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2:54pm September 19th, 2008
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Awesome outfit love the colour, great location as well, your site just keeps getting better and better. I love it x

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12:36am September 20th, 2008
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

This is a great photo set Sway. I love the way you look. The outfit is lovely and the colour looks great on you. I Like your long blonde hair it really makes this photo set look good. The Location is really good to. It's a very nice photo set Sway.

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9:13am June 24th, 2010
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

So Simple yet so sexy - this outfit works so well and looks amazing. Love the red background to, gives the whole shoot a great feel and really makes everything pop.
Been wanting to get some Simon O gear for ages and sets like this keep me thinking along those lines.
Great selection of clothes, amzing poses with Sway looking sensational as always and once again flawless photography - can' ask for more 

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1:47pm June 24th, 2010
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

So a terrific outfit , but so a doofer hat xD well , that you else not such hats carry


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12:44pm November 17th, 2010
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

A beautiful dress gotta I note . Although the headdress imho not quite fits .

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10:05pm February 21st, 2012
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Love the way it laces up the side like that Sway. Where did you get this one at?


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2:29am September 10th, 2012
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

i think she got them at mervynes before the big eccono crippleing of america because macys totally dont sell those version bronze so it had to be a place thats not around any more cant believe theres still apple bees outside of L.A.

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1:36pm September 13th, 2012
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Wonderful dress with Schn insurance? And buckles. All strapped in place. The bronze color goes well with the location. The boat takes a little military-style uniforms in the picture. Great pictures and series sch nes one? Len on the video.

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3:47am September 14th, 2012
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Very nice! I Love the color!  I am managing a site: cheap lingerie. Can I use your image in my site? Thanks!

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3:01pm November 30th, 2012
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Amazing orange latex. love the laces on the side.=)

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7:19am November 10th, 2013
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Wow. The bronze outfit with the Lateral Schn? Tion is extra cool. With the boat on the head it is a cool uniform. Great

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10:23am August 06th, 2014
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Die Sachen wirken so sexy, weil Du sie trägst

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1:27pm June 05th, 2016
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

So hot

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9:06pm April 25th, 2017
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Very stunning as well as being mindbogglingly beautiful  

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4:51am March 31st, 2018
Re: Delicious Bronze Beauty

Great outfit, love the different color.