Latex Stewardess Uniform

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12:30am April 25th, 2008
Latex Stewardess Uniform

Well, flying scares me, because I'm afraid of falling, but with an Stewardess looking like that, I would totally forgett my fears

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3:25am April 25th, 2008
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

... the stewardess comes to the flight captain completely out of breath: " Capitan, Capitan, we have a small problem with the passengers! In minutes someone is calling for a stewardess but we have to go back again. Everyone wants to be served only by these Miss Wayland . What can we do? "

"Your knowledge is already the first step. Did you every asked yourself why everybody asks for Miss Susan Wayland but no other stewardess?", asked the Capitan.

"Of course! We all are carrying the shortest miniskirts and the narrowest blouses. Some of us have already opened their blouses show more but against Susan Wayland we are simply out of chance. One of us stewardesses has already dressed out her blouse and got only laughter.", the stewardess complains.

"What do you think about the possibility it the type of uniform?", the captain replies easily bored as the stewardess has not recognised the most obviously thing.

"You think its because of the latex uniform which Miss Susan Wayland wears? Do you think the passengers would like a latex uniform interesting? ", she asked uncertainly.

The captain turns round to the stewardess and looks like a father would look. Then he answers quietly: "Lets say it in such a way: Miss Wayland is one of the friendliest stewardesses in our Airline. But you can also raise your chances be more interesting if you wear also a latex uniform!"

"Really? This is everything?", the stewardess asks happy. "We still have some latex uniforms in the in this plane. I will quickly change my dress."

"Yes, do this. And please say Miss Susan Wayland, if she find the time, she can bring me some cool water."

Vanessa lol:D :happy:

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6:16am April 25th, 2008
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

I get too much :P
"True Live" :)
Have you ever thought writing some Sketch comedy!?
This occurs one only if he is bored!
You should about starting a category like "Stories" or "Vanessa's Ideas" :)
If you have more ideas like this.... that would be your category!
Something like the word to the picture! :D



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12:30pm May 02nd, 2008
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

Great lightning and a pretty outfit.
Too bad you didn't manage to actually get hold of an airplane or cockpit setting. That would be incredible.
But after all these awesome settings you two let us enjoy Sway in already, I guess, you spoiled us and set our expectations onto a pretty high level. *smiles*



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1:32am June 11th, 2008
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

Looking good so far. Lovely outfit, which shows off those gorgeous legs to a treat. Mmmmm yeah.


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8:52am July 25th, 2008
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

This latex miniskirt is extreme hot. And all the reflections on the whole uniform. - JUST WOW!!! From such a stewardess I appreciate help myself with pleasure or allow to accompany.

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11:30am September 12th, 2008
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform



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2:49am February 26th, 2010
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

I love the frequent use of downcast eyes and the gentle expressions of Susan's face.


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4:11pm March 15th, 2010
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

I'ld like to fly your plane

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12:43pm June 21st, 2010
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

By you become I me genuinely each flugangst assume let ... But I have to you warnen. . . xD it cans happen , that you your instructions diverse paint retry have to , to I it understood has


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6:51am November 07th, 2010
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

I dear uniforms about everything . Very themenbezogen and nevertheless links one something ordinary with it . I hope it admits soon anymore of these :)

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12:34pm September 04th, 2011
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

Lady you are just amazing.

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10:13pm January 31st, 2012
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

Perfect for any of you see here, m RIGHTS? Fly with you to the end of the Tired. What happens there? Imagination ...

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9:27am September 15th, 2012
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

As a stewardess on a flight is from the tomato juice fast hot tomato soup like this? is she. Beautiful n I find her again if she Br Residents unpacks are simply a stunner.

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1:44pm November 30th, 2012
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

i could fly with you anywhere. All stewardess should look like you.=)So hot and sexy.

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5:16am November 01st, 2013
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

Now that's a class idea. A stewardess in latex brings to the denJet cook. Hammer

su love
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10:06am April 04th, 2015
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

How cute!

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1:46pm May 26th, 2018
Re: Latex Stewardess Uniform

A uniform, latex, Sway, and a large opening in your chest area.....so hot