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July 6, 2016
'Luscious Latex Romance ' is a photo series I totally love! Well there is not that much latex but the photos are extremely seductive and the latex lingerie from Cathouse Clothing is a pure eye candy. Do you know what? I think every woman is somewhere a princess, also those girls love with pleasure to screw in engines or have similar hobbies, sometimes we women have a teeny tiny weakness for a little *bling bling* or?! :-D
And *bling bling*, yup, that's definitely to find in my new lingerie photos. You'll find a lot of glamour and an extra portion erotic. The photos were taken during the German Fetish Ball Weekend among other nice photo shootings like the latex gallery Nudity in the morning sun. And who would like to know more about my Berlin adventures, is interesting in some personal funny stories, backstage and private pics I invite you to wait for my journal entry which will be online on my personal blog very soon. I think the article while be a longer one since if I am once in writing mood, I can stop to let my fingers dance on the buttons of my keyboard! :-)
Now I wish you a lot of fun with my new gallery with its touch of sexiness, sensuality and glamour! *sweet kisses*

Luscious Latex RomanceLuscious Latex RomanceLuscious Latex RomanceLuscious Latex RomanceLuscious Latex Romance

What is it makes latex so extremely outstanding? Is it the indescribable carrying feeling or the futuristic shine?… I think, it is the combination of both which makes latex to the wonderfully varied material which pulls more and more people in his spell.

And just this it is what moves me to feel that certain ‚je ne said quoi‘ as well as my passion to share it with you. I invite you in my club to discover with myself together the varied facets of latex and to experience the mystery of this unique material anew with every image.

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