Sexy Holidays

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September 26, 2017
I love it when my good friend invites me to come to France during the holidays. To be more specific, I adore to be invited to swell parties and have loads of fun. Sometimes it is simply fantastic to enjoy the beautiful nature and just do whatever I feel like doing. Most of the time my choice is to read what the current trends within the world of couture are and then perhaps test the fashionable garments myself. So it happened that I picked up the latest craze where the top is supposed to be out of leather. Me being me, I remembered instantly that I stuffed one of those in blue color in one of my suitcases. While I was digging through the quantities of everything I packed for this vacation, you know, just in case, I tried to envision what would look cool with that sexy little thing; maybe a black leather bottom, or just leggings? The sun is merciless and I do not want to cover too much, needlessly inviting a looming heat stroke. I rummaged around through the debris and saw my skimpy tiny hotpants in almost perfectly matching blue tint. I smiled brightly and impishly envisioned the impact I will make to the curious environment. Hopefully the men had their nitroglycerine pills on the ready.
To make sure that the sight is not too lethal, I figured it would be a good idea to make some visual testing first. I do not want to give the boys a chance to glace away. Following the long legs with their exploring eyes, they should be pretty anxious to fantasize beyond the covering blues and the following pictures and the video should give you a shot at it as well. I guess the summer heat just got elevated a few degrees, don’t you think? *sweet kisses*

Sexy HolidaysSexy HolidaysSexy HolidaysSexy HolidaysSexy Holidays

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