Sexy Pink Bikini

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May 12, 2017
I read somewhere that it does not matter what color a bikini is, but that it is of more importance that the bikini is super sexy. If you ask me, I nevertheless have to disagree, the color of a bikini is of essential importance. Sure, such a bikini requires in any case some crafty designer cutting it short – if you get my drift – allowing for my body to, shall I say, come through. In any case, it is not without importance that such careful coverage sports some enticing coloring. I always knew there was a very good reason behind my owning so many different bikinis… ;-)
Since that I really enjoy flashy colors, I decided for that day to pick a tiny pink bikini for my swimming outing. I was in Greece and was looking forward to spending some nice hours by the wonderful sea and this was the bikini that seemed just perfect for my disposition on that day. The bikini top is really almost not there and felt more like an accessory to my big round breasts than anything else, making them stand out even more. The bikini bottom was not much more in terms of fabric, it only covered the bare necessities in order not to get arrested for public nudity.
Yeah, this pink bikini was designed by a genius, my acquaintance would probably applaud to the mind behind that creation, I have no doubt at all. If you bother to look more closely, you can even see how my piercings protrude beneath the thin fabric and how my dragon invitingly beckons to anyone who dares to spare a glance. Have fun with this sexy gallery! *sweet kisses*

Sexy Pink BikiniSexy Pink BikiniSexy Pink BikiniSexy Pink BikiniSexy Pink Bikini

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