Dirty Kitchen Girl

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October 24, 2017
My female friends warn me sometimes to abstain from revealing too much about my private life to the public. "Privacy is private", they say, but I see the whole story in a different way.
I find it right and proper to share my life and my interests with you and I am more than sure that you like it when I do so. It makes me really happy to share and for this particular reason I wanted to show you how I prepare a dessert in my kitchen at home.
Such a sweet treat is something very treasured, because I get to eat it seldom, you know I take care of my figure, do you not? Anyway, I enjoy such an occasion immensely. I admit, I did not need the sexy-hot outfit in order to prepare the sweet, but you know me, I simply love to feel like that, even when I am on my own.
I could not help it, so I had to toy around with my dessert a bit, which happens every so often. You know, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and the works, right? When I get something as sweet between my teeth, I just have to play with it. I know what you are thinking right now and you know what? You are not that wrong at all. So please enjoy the "sweet" series, or at least as much as I enjoyed making and eating it – or rather playing with it. *sweet kisses*

Dirty Kitchen GirlDirty Kitchen GirlDirty Kitchen GirlDirty Kitchen GirlDirty Kitchen Girl

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