Urban Latex Candy

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January 28, 2015
I love colourful extravaganza! I love colours! They lift us up, boost our creativity - it is unbelievable how we are influenced by colours, no matter which, the simple red, green or blue hues, or mixed colours, gradients or perhaps even various colour arrangements.

Colours immerse our world into a higgledy-piggledy feast and make us incredibly happy. This was exactly the reason why I finally chose and managed to get a latex project done, right in front of a colourful graffiti covered wall. If you look for it, in every city, all over the world, incredible art is being created and covering otherwise dull walls.

Some time ago, by chance, I discovered these awesome graffiti, while I was taking a stroll and I immediately knew I will have to return here sometime. This just has to include latex, of course! Et voilà: delivered as promised! For this occasion the selected outfit was a tight latex mini-dress made by the latex brand House of Harlot and the project titled "Urban Candy" - for some reason I just thought of House of Candy... sounds nice, does it not? The shiny metallic latex dress breathtakingly complements the graffiti art! Moreover, I am so happy that the whole concept allowed for an extensive shoot, the potential of the set-up was so huge, that "Urban Candy" allowed me to include more pictures than usual. The reason may be the both colourful walls and/or the latex dress, which was out of this world, I do not know, but maybe, just maybe, it might have been me.

These outdoor shots were so much fun to do, despite some snags that needed to be taken care of.

Snag number 1: Sunlight. The best light for outdoor sessions is definitely the morning sun. Soft, complementing and caressing, it allowed me, in this scenario, to appear like a being from a dreamlike fantasy. The early morning sun during summer in Germany is something special, for the effect to work, you have to really catch the right time. Wouldn't you know - just my luck - that the perfect time turned out to be 7 AM, where you have to be all ready to start? Early bird catches the right sunlight, or whatever, but the latex photographs really turned out to be more than awesome.

Snag number 2: The heat. I do not mean the heat during a sexy shoot such as this, but the early morning sun that starts out all nice and calm, but increases to scorching heat by the minute. I can take some heat, in any possible manner, but at some point even the most sweat resilient body clad in rubber needs to succumb to the wrath of Ra. Once the body starts to sweat, the waterworks are on the loose, Latex is such a material which does not take kindly to sweaty skin, so it moves around, does not sit right, itches, goes berserk and at some point all you want is just to take it off - which I am sure you would have appreciated to witness. I forgot to mention the tight black latex stockings, when they start to have a mind of their own, wrinkle up, the mini dress following suit - see what I did there - and I feel slippery within the tightly enclosed rubber, it is an ordeal to keep smiling for the camera and then it gets even hotter and I feel like a sausage, slowly boiling away... where is the mustard... but hey: Did I do the task properly or what?

Snag number 3: Onlookers. Hey, I get all excited when I am unable to open a mailed package soon enough, get all jittery and the curiosity is killing me... I get it when people gawk at a photo shoot where a tightly clad girl in latex is gyrating all over the place, it does invite people to stare, despite icy-cold disapproving glares of wives. It happens pretty often that people ask me for autographs and personal pictures and whatnot, do not get me started on mobile phones and picture taking, even suggestions on how to pose. Most of it is very sweet and makes me happy! But, you dearest onlookers and gawkers and curious people. Since that this early morning sun is quickly turning into a microwave heater and I am the chicken in the oven, please, please allow me to work this shoot off, before you start making a fuss... I do not want to be responsible that someone's wandering eye causes an auto accident, a baby carriage gets turned over, even fresh croissants spilled all over the sidewalk. You can stare all you want, but stay focused and do not endanger other onlookers, the team or me, please!!! :-D

To sum it all up: I am happy and grateful that these latex shots in "Urban Candy" turned out to be super-duper-awesome, despite the challenges we faced and always face when we shoot outdoors. This metallic latex mini-dress made by the ingenious House of Harlot and the powerful, insanely colourful graffiti could not have worked together in any way better than this. Very often we all would rather go and scout the world to find exotic and exciting places, far away from home, in order to shoot and see places other people dream of, but I have learned already a while ago: beauty is everywhere, all you need is keep your eyes wide open and your mind free of any veils.
*sweet kisses*

Urban Latex CandyUrban Latex CandyUrban Latex CandyUrban Latex CandyUrban Latex Candy