Hot Snow Bombshell

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February 27, 2018
This year we did have a fantastic winter, the most beautiful snow and incredible weather with a lot of sun as an added bonus. But despite the sun, we had to run around in thick layers of clothing, wearing jackets and coats as if the temperature did hit -20 degrees mark.
Of course such circumstances made me come up with something off the rocker. I picked an “out of your mind” white bathing suit, which by the way I used to wear in searing heat on the beach the last time, come to think of it. So I went wearing such a thing in the South of Germany at this incredible weather conditions and enjoyed the cold, for a change. This bathing suit was not really covering much and my breasts did protrude quite impressively, they look lovely do they not, and so it happened that quite a lot of people passing by got an eyeful or more. Some of the older gentlemen did seem to have the need for a nitro pill, but other than that, appreciative glances and quite some dents in the right places were my reward. I did not want to send anyone to St. Peter prematurely, mind you.
The idea of the story was that in winter everybody is expecting you to wear layers of clothing, even if outside temperatures warrant something more leisurely. In summer such wearing of a bathing suit would probably create no waves. Who am I kidding? They would stare anyway. I wonder why I did not get arrested, it was such a hot outfit some anatomy class would not require any books for a change. Incredibly enough, not a single person made a lewd comment, or invited me for a swim in his trunks. Anyway, before too much harm could be done, I did find myself a quiet corner somewhere and enjoyed the weather in all bareness I could muster. “Heat is up and ice below, slippery when wet, but frozen when shining” or something like that may be our topic of the day. I am rambling. Enjoy your “Hot as ice” collection here, I did not freeze, but you can see clearly I did enjoy the shoot – or was it the cold, still? I do not remember. *sweet kisses*

Hot Snow BombshellHot Snow BombshellHot Snow BombshellHot Snow BombshellHot Snow Bombshell

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